Well, the dawn of a new year is almost here. 2012. I like the look of it. As a rule, I tend to enjoy even years more than odd. Also, this year is going to loom pretty large on my timeline. Let's see, what's happening this year in (God willing) 3 weeks or less….hmmmm, what could it be? Oh yes! I am having a baby! Yes. There's that. In so many ways I am ready for him to evacuate the premises (this pregnancy thing somehow manages to last forever and go by in an instant), and in other ways I am understandably terrified of what expelling him truly means. I am pretty excited to meet him. What will he be like? What will he look like? Will he come out with a cone head? So many curiosities.

Also in 2012? A new book! Saving Ruth. Interestingly, some of the same emotions are involved. Am excited to put it out in the world, but also terrified. Will people like it or will they hate it? Will it slide by unnoticed? It is very different from Balancing Acts, to be sure…Ah, who knows. You pour a solid year and three quarters into the thing and then hope for the best. The formal release date is 5/1/12. The jacket and copy should be finalized shortly, so look out for them here.

In other news, I am in love with Funny or Die's Billy on the Street. Watched it for the first time last night (thanks, Lauren), and was crying from laughter. I'm lucky I didn't go into labor. It made me miss New York like crazy. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Happy New Yearrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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