Voyage ATL Interview

It’s always humbling and honestly shocking when someone tells me that I’m “inspiring.” I mean, I’m a mess. But I do try my best, every day, to show up for my dudes and for my friends and family, and on the page. I am so grateful for all of these puzzle pieces; even as IContinue reading “Voyage ATL Interview”

Do You in ’22

Hello! Happy New Year? No, I’m glad to be alive in a new year. I’m glad to be watching my dudes grow up. I’m glad to be writing. I’m glad to be entering a newish phase of family(ies). I’m glad to be mixing patterns. I’m glad to be a dog mom (most of the time.)Continue reading “Do You in ’22”


Wow wow wow wow wow. This website! Shout out to Justine Rubin, the coolest person in the entire universe, not to mention a visionary artist, wonderful mother and bobfluencer. I love her and her family so much and am SO GRATEFUL for a website that looks and feels like me. Check out her art! You’reContinue reading “THANKFUL FOR THIS DOPE WEBSITE”


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