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Was up at 5:15 today. Not sure why, exactly, as no alarm was set. Is the kid starting to prepare me for what is to come or am I finally getting my ass in gear on the writing tip? Probably a mix of both. After about a month off, it's time to return to the drawing board for Book 3. I have an idea, but until about a week ago, nothing was coming to me in terms of characterization. I wasn't really panicking about it – plenty happy to procrastinate by online shopping and registering (btw, how is it possible that someone so small needs so much crap?? Jesus!) – but there were a few uh oh, what if the writing well has completely dried up moments. I would close my eyes and hope for inspiration, but nothing was coming that made sense. And boy, was my mind wandering. Have you experienced T.J. Maxx's "Off the Runway" section? Have you??? I mean…..it is a good time! See : wandering.

But in the past few days, little pieces of dialogue have started to float through my brain. Moments happen, and I think to myself – oh, she would think something like this. And I jot it down. Or, forget to jot it down and then it would be gone. Annoying. At any rate, the point is that the new book is beginning to brew. I love this part. It's like my brain starts to wake up. I start to get excited about these new people; this new plot that will take over my life for the next year at least. The burden of the deadline (ish) looms of course, but it's not everything in the way that it is when my inspiration is nill. Nill with one "l" or two? I am going with two.

Meanwhile, it looks like I have to find a new title for the book formerly known as "The 15 Second Rule". Bummer. I mean, I get it – if you have to explain what the title means every time you talk about, it's not exactly a winner – but damn. It was the jump-off point for me, really. (Every time I type "jump off" I become nervous that it is some sort of hip hop sexual slang that I am misusing. I think it is. Oh well, what can I do? I am an almost 35 year old pregnant lady living in the suburbs of Atlanta. What do you want from me?) Back to the new title – I'm brainstorming and optimistic that something great will rise from the ashes. After all, Balancing Acts started as The Yoga Class for goodness sake. Zzzzzz.

The sky is starting to brighten outside my window. Did I write about my new writing space yet? It's pretty wonderful. One Ikea table, two big windows and lots of green trees. Open windows right now, as a matter of fact. Total silence save for my fingers click clacking on this keyboard. Lovely.


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