First Review! And It’s Good!

Thank you Jane Harper at Booklist! xxx

Being widowed is never easy, but Mia’s situation—she’s only in her early forties, missing her beloved husband, and caring for their two young sons—feels particularly poignant. A novelist, she needs a win, but she’s struggling to promote her newest book. Fortunately, her three lifelong best friends step up to organize an impromptu book tour in their respective hometowns. Unfortunately, they schedule it for early March, 2020. Against the backdrop of pandemic pandemonium, away from her home and sons in a rapidly changing world, Mia realizes how much widowhood has changed her worldview. This brings her a new appreciation of love and family that she wants to share with her three friends, each of whom is experiencing serious relationship trouble. Fishman (Invisible As Air, 2019) delivers an engaging novel that is sure to appeal to readers of her previous books as well as to readers who enjoy contemporary fiction by Amy Poeppel, Elizabeth Berg, Emma Straub, and Elinor Lipman, and all stories that feature women relatably navigating uncharted emotional territory with heart and humor.

— Jane Harper

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