Do You in ’22

Hello! Happy New Year?

No, I’m glad to be alive in a new year. I’m glad to be watching my dudes grow up. I’m glad to be writing. I’m glad to be entering a newish phase of family(ies). I’m glad to be mixing patterns. I’m glad to be a dog mom (most of the time.) I’m glad to be manifesting. I’m glad to have friends that have known me since before I knew myself and I’m glad to have friends who only see who’s in front of them.

I’m glad for streaming movies. Did anyone see “The Lost Daughter?” Holy cow was that a doozy. Olivia Colman for President and go ahead and make Maggie Secretary of State. I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m also glad for streaming shows. Yes to Yellowjackets! Juliette Lewis I love you. Emily in Paris is terrible but Ashley Park is A STAR. Wow.

What else? I am glad for collaboration. Working on some projects with creative geniuses and it’s so rewarding! And revitalizing.

I AM GLAD FOR SCHOOL. I look back at 2020 and just see a dense fog. How the hell did us single parents do that? But I’m glad I did it because guess what? Now I know that I can do anything.

I am glad for my age. I’m glad that I no longer feel the need to apologize for my emotions, no matter how messy they may be.

I am glad to have been loved the way Ronen loved me because it’s taught me how to love our dudes. And I’m so glad for them. What wondrous humans they are! Their resiliency. Their humor. Their giant hearts. Sure they drive me nuts and they never stop talking but I’m so glad they’re here, teaching me what love looks like now. When I overhear them talking to Oreo my heart explodes into confetti. They know how to love too.

I just took a deep breath. I feel better. I feel good about my motto for the new year. I don’t mean it in an asshole way, I mean it in a truth seeking way. Do you. Follow your heart. Know that avalanches of impossibility will disrupt your route, but go around them. Or hell, scale those heights in flip-flops.

Do the work. Apologize when you screw up. Dress for the job you want, on sale of course.

Be glad for the journey.

Keep going. Do you.

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