Thank You Books, Thank You Haddasah of Birmingham, Thank You Thank You Thank You

There are so many reasons why yesterday's reading at Thank You Books was special:
1. 4 members of our "heart family" as Ari has coined it drove and explored the city with us: Sarah Baldauf and Chris Fickes #keepinitbubbly
2. Got to hang with Barcley Roedder Gerndt, Caroline Springfield and Daphne Dunn Williams – friends for years and years who I wish I saw more.
2. Haddasah of Birmingham with Mindy Cohen and Jennifer Cordover sponsored the event and my fellow Jewess love was electric.
3. Kristen Iskandrian, co-owner of the store and beautiful author of Motherest was first introduced to me by 2 of my favorite people of all time Damian Fallon and Kathryn Belgiorno making it a circle of life moment that felt pretty damn good.
Thank you to everyone who came out!


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