when the writer has no words

Friends. Readers. All of whom I'm so grateful for.

Something horrible has happened, beyond what my imagination could possibly conceive. Last Friday, June 9th, my beloved husband, partner and friend passed away suddenly from a massive AVM brain aneurysm. Ronen Shacham was his name and there was no kinder, more compassionate, curious, excitable and lovely man on the planet. Really and truly. He made me a better person every day. He was an amazing father to our two sons, Ari (5) and Lev (2). He was the axis on which our world spun. The love of my life, and theirs as well.

A fund has been created for us, by wonderful friends whose selflessness astounds and inspires me. The link is here. If you are so inclined, all contributions are greatly appreciated.

This is all, for now, until words make more sense. Until I make more sense. Until we as a family make more sense.

Thank you.



One thought on “when the writer has no words

  1. Hi, i just read your blog and cried all the way thru. I am so sorry for the pain that you and the boys are going thru now. Dr. Shacham was a wonderful person and physician. I miss him beyond what words can say. He has helped me in the past 5 years so much. I cannot imagine the pain you feel.

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