Driving Lessons: Reviews

“Fishman demonstrates a rare gift for illuminating the interior lives of women with honesty, generosity, and a whole lot of heart.” – Jillian Medoff, bestselling author of I Couldn’t Love You More and Hunger Point

“A refreshingly honest and insightful story of a woman whose questions about the direction of her life follow her from the big city to small country roads.” – Meg Donohue, author of All the Summer Girls and How to Eat A Cupcake

“A wonderful, witty, and heartfelt journey through some of life’s biggest challenges: marriage, moving, making babies and more.” – Jessica Blau, author of Wonder Bread Summer and Drinking Closer to Home

Publisher’s Weekly:

Fishman effectively balances humor and tension, crafting an involving portrayal of three women coping with the idea and obstacles of motherhood.


Sarah is a relatable mess, Josh is a dream husband, and the supporting characters are mostly a hoot…a charming story. – Susan Maguire

NY Journal of Books:

A sparkling comedy with a heart. From beginning to end, Sarah is a believable, likeable protagonist, and her story is absorbing. Did I mention it was funny? I dare anyone to read Sarah’s sister in law’s depiction of childbirth and sex afterward and not have their sides aching from laughter. This is a delightful start to spring 2014 book releases.  – Autumn Markus

Romantic Times, Four Star Review:

Fishman’s sweetly told tale will resonate with readers who desire change in their lives, but it will also touch the hearts of others. It’s refreshing to read about a character who doesn’t have it all together and who doesn’t really know what she wants — even though she thinks she does. – Melissa Parcel

“…A shining example of what contemporary women’s fiction can be: laughter through tears, humor that comes from life, and characters who aren’t all either twenty-somethings in stilettos or older married women who hate their lives. In fact, reading this book felt like visiting a small town for a few days – you’re welcomed like family, but no one makes you feel bad when it’s time to leave.” – Bibliotica

“The characters in this book are real. That’s the best way to put it. Their lives are real, their feelings and fears and dreams. All real. That’s what makes the book so enjoyable.” – cupcake’s book cupboard

“This is a good book about female identity, relationships, independence, and interconnectedness.  I really loved it, and would recommend it to readers fond of books focusing on female characters which out being overt chick lit.  This should be on a lot of summer reading lists.” – Tiffany’s Bookshelf

“…A cute story, a light read…refreshing in a world of books that are trying to insert unnecessary drama.” Traveling With T



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