Reunions and birthdays and book travel, oh my

Baby, book. Book, baby. Small bit of beach. That was my June-mid October. Turned in aforementioned book  – just the first draft, which could end up looking nothing like the final draft, mind you (fingers crossed that there is something redeemable there as I anxiously await my editorial letter) – on 10/13 and man, oh man, did it feel good to press 'send'. Prior to June, I had about 70 pages and an outline, but both changed pretty significantly as I threw myself into the fire. I think I like what I've written. At this point, it's so hard to say, since I've read and edited and re-edited so many times. Que sera, sera.

In a nutshell, it's about the effects of impending motherhood on three friends at different transitional stages in their lives. Only one protagonist, but now I'm wondering if dueling perspectives might serve it better. Eek. We shall see. Let's change subjects, shall we?

I spent a fantastic weekend with some college pals at my gracious friend Arin's home on Lake Lanier. The home was gorgeous – that kind of easy elegance and warmth that just makes you feel safe and rested, and the company hilarious. It had been a long time coming. The laughs we had! I am so grateful for funny girlfriends. To think about how far we've come since 1998….crazy. Moms and career people, all of us. And yet, still the same gummy bear faced (to quote my friend Lisa) girls of yesteryear.

What else…forgive this post – I'm rambling and can't seem to string an eloquent sentence together – …oh yes! Birthdays! This weekend Ronen turns 40, I turn 36 and baby Ari turns 9 mos. 10/27, 10/28 and 10/29. Cute, right? Thirty-six. Wow.

And now to the book travel  – November is going to be so exciting! Ann Arbor and Springfield, MA with a pit stop in Boston are my travel destinations. I'll be speaking at JCC Bookfairs there, as well as here, in Atlanta. The dates and times are listed on my Appearances page, but I'll post more here as we get closer for sure. Very excited about the Boston pit stop. BU is my alma mater and it has been many moons since I last traipsed down Commonwealth Avenue, let me tell you. And now, returning as a mom, a wife and a writer.

Okay, that's enough blah blah blah for now. Time to play with baby.


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