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Looked up 'proud' in my thesaurus to find the right synonym to describe how this review makes me feel. Found a couple: appreciative, contented, honored.

Many thanks to Joyce Zonana for such a beautifully written piece. I can't link to it online, but a bit follows below. It's featured in the magazine's Summer Issue (Volume 37, No.2).

"In one of her incisive short poems, the English poet Stevie Smith assumes the voice of a dead man : 'I was much further out that you thought,' he moans, 'I was much too far out all my life / And not waving but drowning.' Luckily for the heroine of this quietly powerful novel…her friends and family do realize that she is drowning, even while she insists that she is waving. Fishman richly captures the feel of summer evenings in the deep South…and she takes us fully into the struggle of one young woman to allow herself to be saved by the people who love her."

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