Hello! Still getting the hang of this blogging thing. I know I should be writing about all things Brooklyn and yoga related, but since I am in Chicago spending a blissful week with my husband, whose work has relocated him here for the year, and working from home, I am forced to write about something else: eyebrows.

Having abundant eyebrow hair is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing when you mostly leave them alone and somehow create the perfect, clean arch; and a curse when you are chained to the laptop and it is freezing outside. It begins with just a small pluck of an errant hair inside the line that you know you need to keep, and ends with — well, it ends badly. 

In Balancing Acts, Sabine struggles with the same eyebrows. I had a lot of fun writing a small bit about her tendency to pluck when bored. As I wrote, I laughed to myself as though that tendency was behind me. Behind me: no. Right in front of my face as I gaze into the mirror in horror: yes.

Good thing these puppies grow like weeds. Brooklyn will never know the difference.

2 thoughts on “Eyebrows

  1. Furbies are not only my least favorite toy but what I call my eyebrows when life gets complicated and all roads lead to fleece face. I have the misfortune of having thick eyebrows with no natural arch which means unless my wax maven Kathy is readily available I run the risk of looking as though someone’s drawn a look of consternation with a fat Sharpie across my forehead. Ugh. I once had them waxed so thin with wax SO hot the skin around my eyes puffed and I looked like a bloated penguin with a line of ants saying, “Whuzup!” In my most recent adventure of eyebrowing I tried threading. Did you flinch at the word? I hope so because it would be warranted. I went under the lures, “it lasts longer than waxing” (not true) and “it only feels like pinching” (really not true). Threading is the equivalent of rubbing a rubber band across your arm repeatedly. Double ugh. Kathy makes a visit last three weeks. The threads? 6 days and the new growth is peeking through like a little kid trying to watch a scary movie under a blanket.
    For the time being, embrace the growth Zoe. Consider it a hair Snuggie for your forehead in that bitter Chicago wind. Lol

  2. priscilla!
    i am laughing out loud. to know that i am not alone in my furbie world is a comfort. and your suggestion to embrace the brow as a warmth provider is genius! thank you.

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