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“Anyone who has wondered, ‘Now what?’ about her life will relate to Zoe Fishman’s ebullient and wise novel Balancing Acts. The pages flew by and I was sad when my time with these great characters ended – but not too sad to try some yoga.” – Valerie Frankel, author of Thin Is the New Happy 

“Zoe Fishman strikes the right balance in her warm-fuzzy debut of rekindled friendship and self-empowerment.” –  Publisher’s Weekly, 11/16/09

“When Charlie decides to leave her high-paying job as a Wall Street banker to open her own yoga studio in Brooklyn, her biggest obstacle isn’t convincing her friends and family that she’s not crazy, but finding customers to keep her in business. At her college’s 10-year reunion, she reconnects with three prime would-be customers: Naomi, the former queen of the Upper East Side and hot photographer who now finds herself a single mother without inspiration; Sabine, a cheesy book editor who still hasn’t written the novel she has always meant to write; and Bess, who finds herself writing bitchy captions for a tabloid rather than investigating the real news.  Charlie signs them all up for beginners yoga, where they learn to lean on each other as they deal with the disappointments in their lives and begin to make some serious changes. Fishman combines humor and brutal honesty as she keeps four story lines going and tracks the growing friendship among the women.” Booklist, 2/15/10


“This tale of one young woman’s “quarter-life crisis” neatly captures the sense of floundering through those post-college years. Fishman handles her characters with wit and good humor. Readers will cheer them on — and then run out to a yoga class.” – Romantic Times / Four Star Review, 3/10



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