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For these four friends, yoga is just the beginning… 

Fans of The Friday Night Knitting Club and Girls in Trucks will welcome this charming and moving novel about four women—10 years after their college graduation and in the midst of life crises—who help each other balance their former dreams with their present lives through the power of yoga and friendship.

Learn more about this debut novel from author Zoe Fishman…

Charlie seemed to have it all—beauty, brains and a high-paying Wall Street job far away from her simple Midwest upbringing. Then, in the middle of her “quarter life crisis,” she decides that the banker’s life isn’t what she wanted after all, quits her job and opens her own yoga studio in Brooklyn. But like any new business, finding customers is an uphill battle. When she hears about her college’s alumni night, she straps on her best salesman smile and invades midtown -determined to drum up some business.

Unexpectedly, she reconnects with three college classmates—women who, like Charlie, haven’t ended u quite where they wanted to in life. Sabine, a romance book editor, still longs to write the novel brewing inside of her. Naomi, a child of the Upper East Side, was an up-and-coming photographer and social darling, but now is a single mom who hasn’t picked up her camera in years. Bess, a California girl trying to make it in New York dreams of being the next Christiane Amanpour, but instead finds herself writing snarky captions for a gossip mag, which is neither satisfying nor rewarding. When Charlie, who has her own past to contend with, signs them up for a weekly beginner’s yoga class, they become all too aware of the lack of balance in their lives. Each has to dig deep and fight their inner demons to reconnect with what they truly want out of life.

With wit and sensitivity, debut author Zoe Fishman perfectly captures the poignancy, humor, and promise in these four women's lives. Balancing Acts is a sincere look at what happens when you’re ten years out of college but feel 100 years from who you once were.

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8 thoughts on “Balancing Acts

  1. Balancing Acts reviewed by Terri at Night Owl Reviews – 5/ 5 – Top Pick
    The characters are wonderful. They evolve, they interact and they aren’t perfect. They also don’t live in a vacuum. The have relationships with men, their parents and in Naomi’s case, her son. All of these relationships are complex and the problems facing them are as real as you would find anywhere. What do you do when your boyfriend ends up on the opposite coast? How do you deal with your son’s father wanting to be part of his life after being gone for most of it? Do you dare open your heart to love when it was shattered the last time?
    But this isn’t a self help book nor do the characters have all the answers. They deal, they figure and sometimes bad things happen to good people. As the title says, it’s balancing acts.
    This is Ms. Fishman’s debut novel and it’s perfect. It makes me wonder what she’s going to write next and is it even possible to match the excellence of this one. This book came alive and its characters are real. I didn’t want to put it down and I want to know more. Yet, I’m not sure a sequel would work and this book truly is complete as it is. I just don’t want to let go of these wonderful women and the people in their world.
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  2. I enjoyed the talk you gave at my writers club “Atlanta’s Writers” yesterday. It was informative and inspiring. It was great meeting you. I am reading your book and love it. Conratulations and good luck!!

  3. An AMAZING book! Would make a great beach read, a great book club read or just because. Four ladies, yoga, relationships, life and more!
    I felt especially connected to the characters in the book because each of them have pieces of my life in theirs. Naomi-very active and living her life and gets a MS diagnosis. Charlie is closed off and teaches yoga. Bess is a writer and not sure about opening herself up to changing her life for a man. Sabine is a writer also and taking a chance on a new relationship. All of these ladies are parts of me and I found them very refreshing and fun. I hope to find a group of fabulous female friends for real life!
    Kudos to Mrs. Zoe Fishman and her first novel-Balancing Acts!!
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