First Review! And It’s Good!

Thank you Jane Harper at Booklist! xxx Being widowed is never easy, but Mia’s situation—she’s only in her early forties, missing her beloved husband, and caring for their two young sons—feels particularly poignant. A novelist, she needs a win, but she’s struggling to promote her newest book. Fortunately, her three lifelong best friends step upContinue reading “First Review! And It’s Good!”

The Best Books About Trauma & Addiction: A List

Shepherd For Authors is a very cool website designed to help readers discover new authors and new books. Lord knows it’s hard to get noticed out there but Ben Fox, founder of Shepherd for Authors is making it easier. I love to write and read about the way people climb their way out of theContinue reading “The Best Books About Trauma & Addiction: A List”


Wow wow wow wow wow. This website! Shout out to Justine Rubin, the coolest person in the entire universe, not to mention a visionary artist, wonderful mother and bobfluencer. I love her and her family so much and am SO GRATEFUL for a website that looks and feels like me. Check out her art! You’reContinue reading “THANKFUL FOR THIS DOPE WEBSITE”

Interview in La’Isha Magazine

Humbled to be interviewed by La'Isha Magazine in Israel. Ronen would have been so thrilled – I've never known anyone with more love for his heritage.   When we visited Israel together on our honeymoon, he was bursting at the seams with excitement. I had never been before and he had so much to showContinue reading “Interview in La’Isha Magazine”