Invisible As Air Launch Party at The Wrecking Bar 9/24/19

#invisibleasair launch party at The Wrecking Bar last night. Standing room only. Sold out books from @acappellabooks. Zoe pins Pamela Morse Garland @pamelamorseg and Justine Rubin @fulanko!!! The missing flows through my veins but man. I felt the love last night and it flowed along right beside it. Pumping pumping pumping. Thank you to everyone whoContinue reading “Invisible As Air Launch Party at The Wrecking Bar 9/24/19”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reviews “Invisible As Air”

Just a typical Saturday: making breakfasts, chugging coffee, breaking up boy scuffles and then this: this magnificent review by Becca Godwin at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I cried.   My favorite sentence, a sentence I will forever cherish:   "Her writing creeps up on you, like a crescent moon that seems to mysteriously switch sides inContinue reading “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reviews “Invisible As Air””